About Just Jog

JustJog was formed by Liz and Jess in 2012 following the success of their two local women's running clubs in Bristol.  

JustJog aims to bring women together in their local communities through running. Our primary purpose is to support and encourage all women interested in running from complete beginners to experienced runners. 

We invite all women interested in running to join the JustJog Community to share their passion for running.  Whether your just starting out or training for a half marathon we have members to share experiences and support eachother.  


Liz - JustJog Owner

"I started running for Westbury Harriers when I was 14 years old. I stayed with the club until I was 17 and although I didn't join another running club I have always continued to run. I have spent many years working in the fitness industry teaching various fitness classes but the sport of running has always been my passion. I have 4 young girls so I now fit my running around my family.

I feel proud of all the ladies that come to the running club, I have seen members who have struggled at the beginning but persevere and reach their goals. All the girls work hard but have fun at the same time, and that's key to our club.

I hope the club continues to thrive and in the future i hope my girls get the runing bug and they can run with me.


Jessie - JustJog Owner

I started running when I was 20 years old.  I was never encouraged to run at school and it took me giving it a go myself to realise not only did I really love it but was good at it.I have always trained by myself because for years I worked shifts as a midwife and now I have three young daughters, so committing to a regular time in the week to run with others is difficult.

I train when I can and really enjoy taking part in organised races . I took part in my first marathon this year and I honestly believe that if you want to do something then it is possible. We are made to run so unless there is a specific health problem then anyone can do it.  I get huge satisfaction from helping other women to the point where they realise that they can do it too.